Quality is what matters most

We’re a team of designers who work in the digital space and wanted to bring a little of our flair to brighten your lives and t-shirt collections.

We all love coming up with new ideas for t-shirt designs and use them on caps, jumpers, pillow cases, cushion covers and lots more. We’re all different and a bit quirky and so work on t-shirt collections that reflect our personalities and lifestyles. We hope you love our t-shirts when you buy them as much as we love to design them 🙂


Most of our lovely products are produced in Latvia, Europe but some in the USA. This means shipping can be as fast as 8 days from your order being fulfilled (usually 4-6 days after placing your order) or possibly as many as 21 days, it depends on the postal service and sadly beyond our control….:(

Either way, you’ll be overwhelmed with joy when it arrives! 🙂